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Thread: Studio monitors for a small room.

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    Without more detail we can’t really give you an accurate estimate for treating your room. And....since you’re not sure you’re going to do it anyway.......for now save your money and wait until you can get some of the much better monitors people here have suggested. As Dave and Peter have suggested.........Do your mixing with your monitors and then check the low end with a quality set of headphones. Lots of us do that.
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    Time flies! If your lease is up in 6 months, that will be here before you know it. You may move to another place with a larger room where larger monitors may be more effective. Why box yourself in now? I would just hang with what I have for 6 months, get to my new place and see what I need there. Meanwhile I would stash a little cash for different, bigger, better or whatever monitors OR find that in the new place the KRKs are fine and spend my savings on some treatment.
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