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Born in Chicago, raised in the Seattle suburbs, moved to Houston at 17, stayed for a couple of years, wandered around Cali and the west coast for a couple of years and finally came back to Houston~ 1985 IIRC...Too much Traveler blood I guess.

But the couple of years i spent here originally i found that 9 months of summer was irresistible to me. Now its just Home. We had some close calls as far as flooding, but Dallas has tornadoes, just about every place has the possibility of some kind of disaster so I don't second guess it anymore. Besides, it took me a couple of years of work to get my studio set up as it is now and the idea of moving again purely terrifies me.

The price of land is considerably less than much of the country that would be comparable as far as coastal areas especially. My older sister just retired to Florida where her daughter lives mostly because she could no longer to afford to live in the Seattle area on a fixed income (property values basically quadrupled as Microsoft and Amazon grew), but now she's just enjoying not being stuck in snow during the winter.

I have a family of around 12 turkey buzzards that live in a nature preserve a 1/4 mile or so north of me and between them and the coyotes if there were any neighbor shooting going on i doubt there would be anything but teeth left after 24 hours

I have pretty much decided I'm going to get these 2" deep gobos. The 4" deep are only 50 usd more for the pair but, i just dont think i need them that thick. And I can always get one or two later , right?

its just money
and for the gobos we are talking chump change not big bux