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Thread: Variable tempo within a song ??

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    Variable tempo within a song ??

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    I had this idea a whIle ago. Basically music with a real drummer likely shifts very slightly upward toward a chorus or some part with more dynamic . Anyway I have a song in 6/8 which seems suited to about 211bpm (using a drum pattern ). I decided to experiment and at the middle 8 I shift to 212bpm in case I start trying to push the beat with the guitar overdub. The outro is big sounding again and push it to 213bpm. It's very subtle and not really perceptible but seems natural enough overdubbing rhythm guitar part . Anyone else had this thought ??

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    I recently did this and ended up with 4 tempo changes. They were all at main changes in the song . The changes came from practicing lead guitar parts with "Nothing" else playing. But ... instead of just randomly picking a faster bpm , I matched the tempo to the speed I was "best at" when practicing. They ended up being fairly small changes , but were pretty noticeable giving a reel boost at the selected parts. The dynamics and energy just kept building up to the end . Very good effect . mark

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    We produce lots of click tracks, and often use the original music for the guide track and then we re-record it from the ground up. Music falls into two very distinct categories, and this is not just a modern thing. It will either be locked to a tempo, or not, and if not - it can vary. Loads slow down just before the chorus then speed up again, others gradually tail off, then suddenly go for it, and some have like mentioned, lots of different section at separate tempi.

    Changes in tempo can work really well. The funniest thing is the tracks we did for a band, and we used a live recording of them paying to use as the guide. we followed their tempo changes exactly, and then the drummer complained our track kept speeding up then slowing down! We said, but we just followed your drumming. Awkward silence.

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