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Thread: I have lyrics to offer and would love a collaboration

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciren View Post
    Hi I was thinking ballad style and pop. These would be my preferences, but even soft rock would be nice.
    Those are quite feasible.

    Try putting together a draft song being careful of the meter and not like a rambling poem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmys69 View Post
    That is a great point.

    Just a suggestion; maybe find someone near you that can help in person. It can be tough finding that collaboration on the internet if you do not have a setup to where you can sing or play.

    There is nothing better than sitting in a room with another musician and creating together.

    Online collaborations can and do work (I have tons of them that started here) but you really need to give some type of direction that are looking for first.

    Something as simple as a melody line to start.
    I find that it is quite a lot easier to fit a melody to a song then to try to write words to match a melody.

    If he had a catchy song in a somewhat standard format adding the music would be easy and he might get some takers.

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