From time to time we all need to seperate sounds and baffles are needed to do it. A surprising and fairly cheap and easy to construct system (also easy to move around) can be made as follows;
materals, Sheet styrofoam (available in 4'X8'X4" from your local builders supply); self adheasive tile, and self adheasive carpet squares.
tools, straight edge, heavy shears or utility knife, handsaw
Cut the foam sheeting to the desired size or use full sheets depending on your need, cover one side with the tile (for when you want a reflective surface) and the other side with the carpet (for when you need an absorbent baffle) edges are optional (I used carpet, less likely to move or slide)
I made several of these and they work surprisingly well, especially when recording more than one instrument at a time in the same room, or for creating a portable isolation booth for vocals. These also work great as a sound dampening unit in front of doors or windows and when not in use, lined along a wall do not hamper useable space.