I've always thought it totally pointless going with more expensive interfaces and preamps before you do any recording. So many people never, ever need to increase the 'perceived quality'. A few of us who have really nice microphones, superb recording environments and excellent loudspeakers, might then wonder about adding a preamp, or swapping out the modest interface for a 'better' one, but to get a benefit, you need your ears tuning. So many things in recording cannot be certain from reading, only listening. The SM57 is like a set of solid All Weather tyres for your car - chunky tread, long lasting, solid and tough - but you could have bought a set of narrow profile, softer rubber and micro grooved tyres for a lot more money. The all weather's are not bad tyres are they, and they'll manage is sun, snow and water. The other ones can't do snow and ice, and off-road is out. The SM57 is the all weather microphone.