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    Virtual Piano

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    I've been battling with getting a pure, rich, clean and crisp sounding piano for ages, I've tried EQs, compression, different pianos, but they always sound flat, dull, muddy or tinny. I manage to tidy them up, but they never sound right... Here is a sample, and if anyone can point what I might need to look into.. that'd be great.

    This is Addictive Keys Studio Grand. (Sounds completely different to the samples they provide..) One is the original without editing, the other is edited.


    When I look at others on youtube, they just seem to chuck in a Virtual instrument, record the midi and it sounds great from the get go.. so Idk

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    I'd need to check but I think the default studio grand patch is wide-ribbon.
    Have you previewed other preset patches or changed up the microphone choices yourself?

    The close XY should probably be the clearest/most focussed.

    In the gallery if you jump from 'as recorded' to 'producer' you get additional control over tone/hardness/timbre.

    Sorry if this is all stuff you know already.
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