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Thread: help on building home studio

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    Post help on building home studio

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    Sooo what's up guys,im new in this world and i want to build a home studio,I already have a MiDi keyboard and I want to buy audio monitors and an interface to connect them,can you guys tell me good monitors and interfaces?(i have 200-300 budget in total)

    And other question,with a MiDi keyboard,audio monitors and an interface should I install nicely my studio?Or I need something more??(i know microphone,but first I'm going for audio monitors and niterface)

    Thank you guys! Sorry for English,but I'm Spanish

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    Does your midi keyboard have a DIN output connector or USB? Is your budget Euros, US$ dollars or something else?
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    The interface is going to have to connect to a computer with some software to turn/map that MIDI into/to an "instrument" so there is digital audio to send back to the interface and on to the speakers. You probably know this, but if you connect the MIDI outputs to the interface's MIDI inputs and the interface to speakers, and simply provide power to the interface, that's not enough to get sound. (There's another thread about that somewhere.)

    And, sadly, that's honestly not a lot of money, at least in USD. The cheapest interface I found with MIDI is the Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD ($80USD). If you're keyboard connects via USB, then you can find a cheaper interface, but you may find it complex to configured both your keyboard and the interface for input, e.g, if you want to connect a microphone. A pair of powered studio monitors with just 4" or 5" drivers (e.g., JBL LSR305) are about $100USD each ($200 for the pair) and up! And, there goes your budget! (I have no idea what prices where you are would be like, though.)

    If you have to pick between a couple different brands, you should come back with maybe some things you are looking at. Good luck.
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