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Thread: Getting into music ;s

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    Quote Originally Posted by girlintheworld View Post
    My voice is pretty bright, so maybe its not the best idea? you make it sound like its too much okay interface/soundcard i need that for the mic? hmm thats more money then
    I cant help getting carried away, but i have an experimental and artist workflow I'm just having fun with it ^_^ What is tracks? the instrumental? Come to think of it, I don't think i will change from Logic, I kinda know it, and learning a new one right now would be too much :s
    shure 58 affordable and covers all from vocals to guitars

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    Girl....You ask "What else is good to know for a beginner?"

    Save some money up would be my advice. As others have said, THE basic way to make good recordings is..Buy a decent interface (and the F'rite 2i4 would be my bottom line but look at Tascams and especially Native Instruments KA6) Yes, up to $200 US but you really need that solid, dependable sort of electronics.

    The microphone is almost incidental. The SM58 is fine for close vocals but uke? Might struggle to get a good level. I favour Small Diaphragm Capacitors as good, all round mics but it has to be said, no mic does everything well or suits every voice. You also need to acoustically treat your recording space but this can be done quite cheaply with duvets, blankets etc. You will find "how tos" all over HR and other places.

    Next you need a way to hear your results accurately. Even 1/2 decent monitor speakers are way out of your present budget but good quality headphones can be used with some limitations. Again don't go cheap, around $100 is really the starting point.


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    Quote Originally Posted by girlintheworld View Post
    Thanks!! yeah it does have an autotune, yeah I want that cool digital sound
    You might care for effects like the vocoders. They give a early singer something to hide behind. The vocoder strips the vocal of its tone and pitch information and replaces it with keyboard. Like an autotune only better. The effect happens live in real time.

    The sampler like Roland Vp9000 or Korg you record your vocal line as a sample . Then you play your prerecorded voice using a keyboard to replace the characteristics.

    Versions of these are included in most DAWs and are accessed with a simple midi controller. Controllers an be cheap, the DAW can be free.

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