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Thread: 4 track tape manipulation

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    4 track tape manipulation

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    I'm trying to figure out how to get the tape to do such effects that John Frusciante was able to achieve on his 4 tracks. Especially the song Running Away Into You
    Love the song and some of these sounds give me tons of ideas but I'm new to the 4 track cassette recorder and am learning the old school Ava garde recording techniques

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    I think there's at least one more piece of equipment involved - another tape machine or DAW. Something that can be manipulated as a real-time instrument as it's output is being sent to the 4-track cassette's input for dubbing next to the original guitar track. I'd say at least one more tape (or DAW) track is required.

    I say this because I'm pretty sure you can't run one reel of tape at different speeds simultaneously. Maybe I'm wrong on that last part.. the field of quantum physics has made some great advances lately.
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    I would bet there was a tape echo the Roland Space Echo or the Multivox MX-201.
    You have the delayed echoes...and then as they tail off, you manually adjust the tape speed of the tape loop.

    I doubt this was done by a single 4-track tape machine. I have a Multivox, and you can do those things with it easily.

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