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Thread: mixing wih subtractive eq song demo

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    Yes, the bass is dominating the mix. if you are not hearing that then you need to have adjustment to your monitors.
    The bass sound itself is good, but as Jimmy pointed out there is a frequency to it thats ringing out. E.Q. and volume leveling
    will make this track much improved. it has a good feel and and a very cool name ...

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    My pre-dominate genre is metal And, for my ears and tastes, there's a simple formula that all three mixes violate when it comes to the 'layering of frequencies' (for lack of better words).
    Kick under bass under guitars.
    In these mixes, and certainly the last one more so than the others, the bass has taken up all of the low frequencies leaving little room for the kicks to thump. While a clicking kick is all the rage in modern metal, without the thump it just sounds like slapping a sheet of paper.
    My first suggestion, you don't need to boost the bass on a bass guitar much if at all. It's already a bass instrument and should already have a good fundamental if tracked properly. If anything, and this is going to seem counter intuitive but it often works, you can carve out a chunk in the bass below about 90hhz to make the bass sit better in a mix. I would also not touch any other low end eq on it and concentrate on whether or not it has definition i.e. can you hear finger/pick attack? IF so, you're probably good just to leave it as is and work on wrapping the other instruments around it. That dip you just made in the bass is a place where your kick can get it's thump. Enough of a boost to get those cones in your speakers throbbing a little. But, not too much. Any more than 3 db and something else is wrong.
    Guitars should live above all of this stuff. Carve out as much lows in the guitars as you can get away with without them loosing beef. They should have just enough low end to gel with the bass without stepping on it.
    Lastly, I'm not too keen on the guitar tone itself. Seems like you're going for more of a djent sort of thing but the guitars are a little too 'nice'. They need to be more nasty.

    There's my 2 cents.

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