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Thread: The Journey of the Engineer. I want to hear YOUR story.

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    Why not.
    (since I'm new)

    I always played music at school (sadly I don't play anymore, all my spare time is in the studio), so I (naturally) went on to 6th form (last 2 years of high school for you Americans) and did a music and music tech course, went to uni and bought into the dream people were selling in the UK at the time 'you can do anything if you get a degree doing it'. Still, I came out of uni and found NOTHING awaiting me but bar work and crap money. So I started as self employed, struggled for a year to get any work that wasn't my mates humouring me, and ended up talking to some chaps who were just starting a studio nearby. Three years on, I'm running the technical side of things, and when we've finished the barn conversion, I'll be managing the place for the owners. Guess I got in at the right time and was very lucky to meet the right guys and have everything work out so far.

    Still, I'm working full time at an office to pay the bills. The local scene round here is made up almost exclusively of ameteur musicians, and the local towns and cities we find bands in aren't that well off, so its taking a while to take off, but we have bigger things on the way, and a lot of things in the pipeline so for now I'm happy

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    I don't consider myself an engineer, but I got into researching how to record better and making better recordings due to the fact that I went into the studio years ago and didn't like the studio engineer's style or sound.

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    I have a bachelor's degree in electronics engineering and I recently started to record bands of my community and hometown, including my own band.

    I have to work in a full time job to keep the "studio" going on. I finger-quoted studio because I mix in a bedroom and I record around the house. My house has absolutely no acoustic treatment at all. My plans are that in the next 10 years, I will be able to have a comercial studio, mainly to help bands that are interested in a more organical aproach to recording their sound. Sort of like documenting a moment of their lives as music.

    That is not necessarily my dream job, but it is something I'm starting to feel very pleased to work with and studying, of course.

    I think that at least I will always have a nice little homestudio, if it doesnt work out that way. So, one way or another, I'll keep on going.

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    On my side I've only been interested in obtaining online education. Of course nothing beats simple and straightforward and personal education. But, wanting to lay low key, I practice with some home gear while studying other topics such as Leadership, Communication, and Network+ (CompTIA Network Administration Certification).

    I miss high school, being twenty years old. Those days are passed me, so going to work is what I opted for. Currently, I'm working 30 hours a week (seasonal atm) at a large theater in Texas. It's amazing some times. Other days (like this past weekend) were a drag. And I work with people and learn about different people; being a Guest Specialist brings appreciative effort.

    Always, I'm creating, inventing, and then starting my own songs in a big project. It's a cycle that never tired me.

    The feeling of control in music production and engineering is gratifying. And to learn about hustle is always changing me, constantly.

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    very good career , at least i think so.. good for you.

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    Well doesn't this look fun! Ok lets take a quick trip though history. Like many others in here I spent my early years a musician. Practiced all day everyday, had dreams of being a professional musician. Finally after years of blood sweat and tears, I got to a point where I was playing music, and actually getting somewhere doing it. Well Lets just say that it turned out to not quite be what I thought it was going to be.

    My Favorite parts of playing though was being on stage, and being in the studio. Man how I loved being in the studio. Now I had dappled in recording when I was younger, but never really learned a lot about it. After realizing that maybe professional musician wasn't right for me, I started buying little bits of recording gear here and there, picking up new microphones now and then. I spent a lot of time searching the internet and reading every book learning as much as I could.

    I haven't made it to a point where I'm making much money recording and mixing. But I love every minute that I get to do it. I can sit at my workstation for hours and time just fly's by. And learning more about audio production has inspired me to learn more about music too. I've started reading theory books, and learning about song writing techniques. Recording has opened up a whole new world to me.

    I'm hoping soon I'll be able to attend the institute of audio research in NYC, but right now the travel expenses of taking a train to the city everyday is just a little too far out of my budget. But the goal is to get my degree, find work in a studio, and one day open my own.

    Anyway thanks for posting such an interesting topic. It's been fun taking a quick trip remembering where I came from, and looking forward to the future.

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    Started playing piano between preschool and kindergarten. Started computer recording and sequencing in 2nd grade, and sound engineering in 3rd grade. By 6th grade had full studio. Graduated high school early to attend U of M, Eastern Michigan U, and then Wheaton. Majored in piano then quit grad school to tour with major production companies and national artists. Was on the road and in commercial production houses for 10 years. Then launched my own studio. Grew it to local market capacity then transitioned into broadcast, post engineering, and gaming.

    Started off with a lexicon omega and a pair of KRK's. Now breaking ground to build a premier regional sound stage and audio post company!

    I was following some troubleshooting threads for Pro tools, meandered on to the site, then realized it was a home studio forum after some other pros had helped me out. But its interesting. I'll hang around as time allows

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    My story started when I bought my first 5" reel to reel recorder. We used to record tv shows and edit in funny lines just to have a blast. I then moved up to a Teac 2340 four tack recorder, to record songs and live bands who were friends of mine. Eventually I moved up to a Tascam DA-88, and now work with Sonar and Audition software on my computer. I have a nice home studio set up just for me. I don't want to record anybody else. I went to a local community college and took a couple of very informative classes in music production. I get a kick out of making recordings and playing them back on my truck's stereo system. I like playing recordings for my family and friends. No desire to go professional. No desire to work in a pro studio. Just like tinkering in my home studio. I do play out twice a week at two senior centers on a volunteer basis. I've been doing it for almost two years now. So I do get to work with many other musicians. We have about 10-12 musicians at each place I play. We're playing for crowds of 45-120 people just about every week. I have a very nice Martin D-35 which I take out with me. It sounds great live and it would be a shame to just keep it at home. Having a home studio at home is great for me for learning new songs, writing songs, and basic practicing for the shows. Maybe, just maybe, I may post originals using TuneCore to try and sell some streams or downloads. I've done it before and it brought in a little bit but not much. Hardly worth the effort, but if maybe I write some good songs they'll sell better. I'm 63 years old now and my touring days are over. So I get a kick out of playing for the seniors and they seem to like me. I don't want to play in bars anymore.

    However I still like reading up about what's new in audio and working in my studio to keep it current. What can I say, it's my hobby.
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    I was 14 and had just moved to Cocoa Florida from Lickwater WV. My Father retired from the USMC and moved us back inside a hollor that saw sunlight 3 months out of the year. I rode a pony 4 miles to the hard road just to catch the schools bus. So after moving to Cocoa, my parents joined the local Church. At the age of 14, I had not met anyone yet as school was still on the summer break.

    While attending this Church, I met my first friend, same age as myself and it was pretty cool. The Pastor said he wanted to start a tape ministry and was looking for volunteers. Nobody did. My new friend, Mike, his father was a Deacon. So being 14 years only, me and Mike came up with this plan to record the Church services. Our main objective was to be able to BS in the little booth, check out the girls and not have to listen to the sermons or deal with our parents. Typical 14 year olds right?

    Fast forward 42 years and now I help Churches set up their sound systems and spread their message world wide via the www. Even though I never did this full time, I never left the recording industry. I went form splicing reel to reel tape to cassette, then to to Dat and Cd. That processed launched me into website design.

    So now I am in the process of building my own home studio to accommodate vocals as well as instrumental work. The studio will be open to any schools or Churches who have a music program free of charge. From reel to reel to 16 input interfaces, it has been a wonderful ride!

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    I am not a working sound engineer but it has become a hobby for myself.

    I pursued a degree in mechanical engineering because it is more in demand and I was good at math in school. However my passion has always been music and naturally I purchased some recording equipment to record me and my friend's playing/songs. During college my neighbor was in the audio/video production program and he got me interested in DAWs, midi, mics, that sort of stuff. Over the years I've become more and more interested in the technical aspects of recording and not it is a hobby. Playing in a band is where I spend most of my time but I do use ProTools at home to record myself. I've been slowly getting better with ProTools over the past 5 years and I now feel half-way competent, although I am not familiar with more advanced mixing techniques nor do I have any training or experience with mastering. My final product is simply for upload to soundcloud and then sharing with friends and family. Hopefully I will pick up some tips and such on this forum.

    My studio gear is due for an upgrade in the next couple of years, also need a decent mic for vocals. Right now I'm roughing it with a single SM57 and I use a Boss GT-10 for my guitar amp sims and effects. Occasionally I will mic a real amp, but I like to crank it and that doesn't happen often because of the neighbors. Here is what I want to upgrade in the next year or two.

    Current Wish List:
    Cheapo Headphone Amp
    Akai MPK mini
    Vocal Mic
    Set of 8" monitors

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