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Thread: Pro Tools - peak level in dBFS

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonore View Post
    I made a mistake... It's supossed to be - 0.5 dB FS, and the - 25 dB FS value is RMS.
    No problem - I think that's what we assumed (well, I did...).

    Not sure what you have lying around meter-wise, but same thing stands. Assuming you have something that will give you RMS readings, you're good. You probably won't even need a limiter unless the material is extremely dynamic. You don't want to put the threshold down unless you're trying to *limit* it to -25dBRMS. Which I can almost guarantee you won't want to do. Almost.

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    Right now there's a great deal on Waves WLM Loudness Meter that does everything you need it to do. I know this because I just bought it yesterday. It's usually about $400, but I got it on sale for less than $100.

    Loudness Meter Plugin – WLM Plus | Waves

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