This is for the Analog Only family...dodgeaspen went to the trouble of scanning the ops and maint. man. for his thirtyeight. I'm purposely abbreviating to thwart random searchers. I compiled it and am hosting it for a limited time. To further thwart lurkers (especially those that would just like to sell it on eBay and the like), you need to PM me for the link, and I'll be changing the link during the duration that it is up. If you do not have a history posting on the AO Forum, or if you just joined and we're not positive of your intentions, we're going to decline sending you the link. Sorry. That's just us being protective of the work that has been done. It is to be a help to those in need, not a handout for the ill intended. I'll accept PM's for the next two weeks and after that we're done. You can contact dodgeaspen after that and it may or may not be available.

Thanks for your understanding; hope we're approaching this in a right and good way.