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  1. My new tune
  2. Working on this song.
  3. Have NO Mercy...
  4. *update* redneck protest song
  5. Follow my example!
  6. first post ....blah blah
  7. What's your CURRENT favorite radio hook???
  8. Need help with Drums
  9. Hail Music Theory!!!
  10. Earworms and Wildcards
  11. You gotta hear this kid
  12. 2 songs to critique
  13. How to write?
  14. i suck at coming up w/original sounding stuff
  15. Singers? Lyricists?
  16. Problem with english lyrics...
  17. Possible paying writing job
  18. How to write? Part II: LYRICS
  19. What's your current most hated radio hook
  20. A song about a lost loved one
  21. lyrics for critique
  22. Some lyrics to look at.
  23. what about this chorus is it catchy
  24. still getting the hang of this songwriting thing please critique 2new songs
  25. wanted people's opinions on my songs
  26. How do I start my own production Company?
  27. Check this out!
  28. Melodic Punk Collaboration Lyrics
  29. Let me get some opinions on these lyrics
  30. Check out a few of these songs...
  31. Understanding Chords and Composing!!!!
  32. aaarrrggghhh!!! I need some objective input here
  33. Need help before my pre-production meeting
  34. Let's PLAY a stupid game...
  35. "Seasons" lyrics
  36. What should I do with Louie?
  37. critique please
  38. other song i'm working on
  39. I need all you peoples help!!!
  40. Whiskey whispers
  41. where to start?
  42. Review these lyrics please..
  43. Please review my Ashes
  44. 2 Questions: Selling Songs & Was I Wrong?
  45. What's your favorite lyric?
  46. help me finish/polish these songs are these keepers?
  47. Im curious...Do you home rec/writers...?
  48. Forum and Songwriting discussion
  49. I Hit The Wall Man...............Ouch!
  50. cheatin' lyrics
  51. A few opinions on these lyrics, please...
  52. Allergic to my love
  53. What do you think of those lyrics?
  54. writing in dif time signature
  55. A very simple concept song please critique
  56. Update to the "I'm teaching a Songwriting Class" thread...
  57. When the walls bend... with your breathing.
  58. Ambience
  59. Can you learn or is it a gift?
  60. I'm guitarist and singer....help
  61. HELP!!Writers Block!!!!!!
  62. A song about doin' it (help needed)
  63. Chord progressions: RUT?
  64. Any opinons on Evening Rushes??
  65. First post- what do you think of my lyrics?
  66. Lyric re-use - Royalty Question
  67. Evening Rushes In retooled!! Thanks Miles!
  68. I need a f'in efficiency expert
  69. What do you guys think?
  70. I say enough about your tunes, here's my money going where my mouth is...
  71. Your Game
  72. Ok I've taken everyones tips and this is what I came up with
  73. A New Tune
  74. Love with a deadly touch...comments?
  75. Can You Here Me
  76. Just for a little fun....how would you critique these lyrics???
  77. i need a songwriter/singer
  78. NSAI Houston will host Jason Blume workshop
  79. Something new
  80. Comment on song
  81. Wee song lyric for comments
  82. Song about a ghost
  83. song about stuff
  84. Collaboration Site
  85. Something I just wrote called Framed Smiles
  86. Two words for a lyric
  87. So unkind....what am I missing here?
  88. Rate My Lyrics
  89. Feedback on some lyrics
  90. Quick copyright question
  91. push yourself
  92. "Soul Journey"
  93. Wanted to write a song that made use of HEAVY repitition... too much?
  94. then there was rain
  95. Until The Day...
  96. I just want to actually have something to post in the mp3 forum
  97. Opinions of CDs
  98. Jazz songwriting
  99. ASCAP and BMI, does it make any sense?
  100. Need Lyrics
  101. tips on songwriting and audio engineering
  102. Stream of consciousness
  103. Jesus Cut His Hair
  104. "weaker than's" lyrics
  105. Berklee Music online courses
  106. a tune for your consideration, ladies and gentlemen
  107. New Song
  108. "strawberries and cream" please critique
  109. should i add lyrics?
  110. Might be a dumb question
  111. "Waterfall" Please Critqiue
  112. How "Simple" should the Hook be? Please Take A Listen
  113. A Gift to develop
  114. Some song i wrote
  115. Wings
  116. Song Inspiration
  117. lyrical start
  118. Rabbit In a Cage
  119. Musical Notation software
  120. yea
  121. Okay, here it goes...
  122. Song I wrote called Balls to love
  123. Your Very First - Let's See It!
  124. Songs I Wrote
  125. Eye Of The Hurricane/ lyrics only
  126. Song
  127. Sound Effect
  128. How to make Money
  129. New Song comments please...
  130. Color My White Wings
  131. Song called "Tea" need ideas for chorus
  132. Wanna sell your songs?
  133. Rsd
  134. Do we fall in love too soon?
  135. The P.N.S.A. Sucks!!!
  136. Finally... a new Website and a new CD... Listen?
  137. Song from the Grammys - who wrote it?
  138. what's style?
  139. a short, love song?
  140. First Time Writing Lyrics
  141. What (musical) direction should we take?
  142. Feedback please "I'll Be Fine"
  143. Meter changes - genius or sloppy?
  144. Hmm
  145. Crucifixion - esque Lyrics
  146. Song structure
  147. What songwriting books have you read?
  148. Is it a crime if you rhyme every time? Hereís a dime. Iím slime.
  149. german looking for lyrics
  150. Lyrics from late last night
  151. Am I really better than Dylan?
  152. getting your own sound or not??
  153. Desert Island Disks/Influences
  154. Definition of a "HOOK"
  155. Folkie Stuff
  156. Song I wrote today
  157. Rate my song
  158. Crisis of confidence-patient ones please open
  159. Deja vu?
  160. A blues type song I wrote
  161. Blues references needed....
  162. writer's block on chord prgressions
  163. Opinions! Opinions!
  164. Speaking of cliches....
  165. A few songs i wrote
  166. when you get stuck in a rut
  167. Most Important Part of a Song
  168. Vocal Training Advice/Direction Needed
  169. Good Stuff?
  170. Hey Everyone...Look at Me!!!
  171. Give me some pop/rock examples of syncopation
  172. Rhyming...
  173. tempo?
  174. Censorship - Alanis doing more harm than good?
  175. new song i wrote, let me know what you think
  176. Singing your own song
  177. New Chill Out Song...Tell me what you think
  178. Get drum tracks & help
  179. newbie at angry rap lyrics....need help lol
  180. Key Change
  181. First Song Ever
  182. Five Tunes on Soundclick
  183. honored in Great Amercan Song Contest, but...
  184. Cowboy Up
  185. Foerver Ain't A Longtime
  186. Man O Man
  187. Please review my first fully written and recorded song.
  188. Beatles Songs
  189. Little Devil
  190. I'd like to check out your lyrics.....
  191. Gotta make something really cheazy
  192. coming off a LOOONG writers block
  193. Lyric Writing - The Caboose That Couldn't
  194. Melody help
  196. where to post songs?
  197. Ever tried to write a song to win back someone you love?
  198. opinions on a song?
  199. Any body using Reason to write songs?
  200. my first truly "dark" song
  201. what do you think of this song?
  202. I'm back for the weekend anyway.
  203. Songwriting Class Update
  204. My new song "Recuerdos de la usted"
  205. RNB/Ballads/Slowjams
  206. Seeking serious...
  207. my best so far, please let me know
  208. Listening to your own stuff?
  209. do i write to a beat or write then find a beat
  210. I wrote these yesterday, what do ya'll think
  211. Snake
  212. Johnna
  213. Have You Heard?
  214. Need advice on the songwriting in my songs
  215. How much do 'successful' indie bands make?
  216. Does this ever happen to you?
  217. new song "Sinfully Lovely" any good lyrically?
  218. Chicken or the Egg?
  219. The Plans That You Make That You Know You Will Break-lyrics
  220. Need words to Chant
  221. Technology getting in the way of the music
  222. ahem (need some advice)
  223. The Zone
  224. what's wrong with bass?
  225. My new instrumental song!
  226. Just wanted to post a song.....
  227. What's a good site to post my music?
  228. Let go
  229. Another one: Gestalten
  230. Thoughts from songwriters?
  231. Start label for other artist?
  232. Posting lyrics only
  233. These Borrowed Bones, I'll Make Them My Own
  234. demo question/ is this shady?
  235. I need some help with a new song
  236. another new one, i keep cranking them out
  237. a thought about not being satisfied
  238. do you think these are really stupid lyrics?
  239. Pretty Lies
  240. I believe I just wrote the song to win over that woman
  241. How Could You?©
  242. Please......!! alternative melodic music
  243. Nashville Song Search
  244. If Heaven were my canvas...
  245. Looking Forward, Moving Back [Lyrics]
  246. How's This?
  247. I'm proud at this, what do you guys think of it?
  248. "No More" comments
  249. Please review this country/jazz? song
  250. tell me what you think...