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  1. All My Loving -THe BEatles Cover
  2. Someone who wants to listen?
  3. Please check out my tune! ANy feedback is welcome!
  4. Any improvement?
  5. Warm-up Exercises
  6. What do you think of my choice?
  7. singer needed
  8. listen and tell me how this sounds :)
  9. How does improve vibrato?
  10. Yesterday- The Beatles Cover (One of my Favourite ballad )
  11. Here is my vocals on this song. Suggestions
  12. Angel in the Swiss Alps
  13. My rapping lacks the 'feel'.
  14. I don't even remember ther being a singing forum here
  15. Improving your voice 101 / for Dummies / and Roseanne.. ?
  16. More Than Words - Extreme cover
  17. Newbie Singer Needing Feedback
  18. Singers for a song
  19. Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Pie Jesu"
  20. One man barbershop quartet + 2
  21. A Day In The Life - Beatles(tried to perform plz rate )
  22. Does this vocal volume level sound about right for a condenser microphone?
  23. With a little help from my friends - The Beatles Cover
  24. Nowhere Man - The Beatles cover (here i go again with the Beatles )
  25. Michael Buble- Home(Cover by me)
  26. Another listen to me thread
  27. Vocal Issues and Home Remedies
  28. Spanish Flamenco dance with German lyrics
  29. You know what I think is so sad?
  30. LOTR - Enya - live by Elena
  31. Need vocalist for metalcore
  32. How Do You Come Up With A Melody?
  33. I got my poor Dad in this music video. LOL
  34. Have you ever...
  35. Anyone want to contribute a bit of easy vocal? (need several deep male voices)
  36. Vocal recording/editing
  37. Any time At All - The BEatles
  38. My Heart Will Go On
  39. Advice and Critiques welcome!
  40. All You Need is love - The Beatles
  41. Rolling in the deep acapella. need advice plz! :)
  42. Can I please have feedback on my voice? Singing Fix You
  43. Voice sounds muffled.
  44. Please hurt my feelings!
  45. Ave Maria - Schubert
  46. Groove
  47. Voice cracks and strains when singing?
  48. Have you ever seen a Classical Singer kick butt?
  49. Astronomy- Blue Oyster cult Acoustic Cover
  50. I should Have Known Better - the beatles (i can't sing like john lennon but tried to)
  51. WRITER/VOCALIST - Looking for new projects!
  52. Getting ready to put this track on sale at iTunes. Any thoughts on the mix?
  53. what you say about my new song BABY I WILL..
  54. James Blake Cover - Retrograde
  55. i am the walrus - acoustic cover
  56. How to recover range after surgery
  57. Ho do you record your vocals?
  58. Queen - Somebody to Love (Cover)
  59. New song What do you think?
  60. Voice recording for Voiceover question.
  61. Looking for female singers !
  62. Yep...me again with another listen to me xD
  63. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - The Beatles
  64. Vocalist Series
  65. This Boy - The Beatles Acoustic Cover
  66. Vocal Frequencies
  67. New vocal, Feedback needed.
  68. New Song "She Believes"
  69. A new sad song-My heart is broken
  70. My bedroom for vocals :)
  71. Nella Fantasia by Elena the Elf ;)
  72. and i love her -the beatles
  73. Vocalist needed for progressive-house track!!!
  74. Working Class Hero - John lennon cover
  75. The Last Rose of Summer
  76. oh me - nirvana mtv unplugged cover
  77. "Under Pressure"--Vocals Only
  78. Beauty of Life - live in Switzerland
  79. Beatles & Badfinger covers
  80. Singing loud
  81. Clean your ears out lately?
  82. Jill's Theme from "Once Upon a Time in the West" by Ennio Morriconne
  83. Singing - Voice lessons
  84. Looking For Talented Male/Female Artist's for Hooks!Hip-Hop/Rap.
  85. My Latest song. Any thoughts?
  86. Underrated Talent?
  87. Why I sounded out of tune live but I heard myself in tune? (Vocals)
  88. High notes, easier way?
  89. Vocalist Needed
  90. gimme hell!
  91. Not sure what I'm doing wrong?
  92. I don't mind harsh feedbacks..
  93. At a cocktail party in Mid-19th century Paris
  94. Blue Ocean Floor (Justin Timberlake Cover)
  95. "House of Flying Daggers" movie theme song
  96. Need better equipment for our Videoke/Karaoke sessions
  97. What do you think of John Mayer
  98. Sing and using vocals
  99. headvoice developing daily problems
  100. Can i sing? if not, how can i get better?
  101. 16 Year Old Learning to Sing
  102. Participating in Gang Vocals
  103. Ave Maria - Bach / Gounod
  104. First Cover - Someone Like You by Adele
  105. How to get this tone?
  106. vocal tips and criticism!
  107. Green screening at it's best
  108. How to get a deeper voice
  109. I need a singer for a track
  110. Rock, classical and other questions
  111. Fighting acid reflux!
  112. Original song "Keep It There"
  113. ANNIHILATOR "Alison hell" (full cover) multitrack + tab
  114. Headphones
  115. Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
  116. Help With Vocals for Brian Jonestown Massacre Cover
  117. Elton John - Can you feel the love tonight - & Chooka Parker from AGT
  118. Am I on the right track?
  119. Looking for Singing Tips, Please Help Me :)
  120. Please criticize my Vocals! :)
  121. Please criticize my Vocals! :) Again! :)
  122. Please help me recreate this 70s vocal sound
  123. Impressions regarding this singer?
  124. Tweaking Vocals
  125. An Indian song by me
  126. Thoughts on this cover
  127. New Singer help needed
  128. Still Need a Vocalist
  129. Need a vocalist for my song!
  130. Hi, I wanted to get some tips on how to improve my singing voice.
  131. Vocalist needed to rock project(band)
  132. SEPULTURA "Refuse Resist" (Full revisited cover) Multitrack + Tab
  133. CANNIBAL CORPSE "Dead Human Collection" (Full revisited cover) + multitrack
  134. Hello, My name is Johnny Cashless
  135. Im back again! Please criticize my vocals again! :)
  136. METALLICA "One" (full cover) multitrack + tab
  137. The Phantom of the Opera - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  138. Critique my vocals
  139. New cover! Please help me criticize my voice!! :)
  140. Female singer needed!
  141. Born to die
  142. A question from non-singer.
  143. What do you think about my voice / video ?
  144. Thrown Voice during shows
  145. Critique my vocals? (Acoustic sample)
  146. Coming out of the vocal closet
  147. Criticize on my singing please
  148. Another Cover! Please criticize my Vocals!
  149. Recording Vocals Pitch Issues
  150. Couple of recordings - comments welcome!
  151. Critique my vocals please?
  152. Critique my vocals? (Again? :) )
  153. Read all about it male cover version
  154. Trying to see if I should quit singing. Input would be greatly appreciated!
  155. Im trying to mix vocals and I need help
  156. Criticize my vocals please
  157. Cymbal Samples
  158. Looking for feedback on my vocals
  159. feedback on this one
  160. Record your vocals _anonymously_ and get feedback
  161. Popular songs with pitchy vocals
  162. Midnight Recording
  163. Feedback for a newbie?
  164. What do you think of this singer?
  165. Vocalist needed
  166. In need of vocal touch up services....
  167. Searching people for cover/original song
  168. Feedback, please
  169. Drake - "Hold On We're Going Home" Cover (Critique):
  170. Online Demo Singers-- Safe?
  171. A Great Big World - Say Something (Cover):
  172. Female vocalist: Do you not believe in love, but believe in God?
  173. Bringing in the New Year with "The Drinking Song" from "La Traviata"
  174. Trained male vocalist?
  175. Digitech VL4 in studio?
  176. One Wing (cover) - Would love some feedback!
  177. SingTrix - Is there something on the market like this for us?
  178. Vocal range diminished? (not vocal nodules!!!)
  179. Critique my voice please!
  180. I need a screamer
  181. Microphone vs Interface for Vocals
  182. Tough vocal ACDC
  183. How can i use my throat like that ?
  184. Some feedback on my singing?
  185. I said I'll do my best
  186. Mic Position for Less Ess
  187. Beats Over powering vocals.
  188. How to make vocal effect like Shlohmo?
  189. Can I sing?
  190. Can I sing? Or hit a note at least? Torment!
  191. Free Singing Lessons + e-books!
  192. If you could sound like anyone...?
  193. Is it a good idea to add reverb AND delay to vocals?
  194. Using My Head Voice?
  195. Going for my first track with vocals, suggestions needed
  196. Please rate me...Can I sing at all? Should i just forget it? Thanks for your honesty!
  197. Short Cover of "Because Of You" by Kelly Clarkson (Can I sing?)
  198. Some feedback on my singing
  199. Best mic'ing for singer with soft quiet voice
  200. Mirrors (Justin Timberlake cover)
  201. Am i doing anything wrong ?
  202. hello, I would like tips on how i can improve.
  203. What vocal tips and exercises worked the most for you?
  204. Please rate me :)
  205. Please give me feedback on my voice
  206. Rate my voice please.
  207. Singing like a folk singer..looking for feedback
  208. Rate My Voice Please
  209. Using Condenser Mic to record growls and screams
  210. Please
  211. check it out? please? acapella manson
  212. Angie by the Rolling Stones- Cover
  213. My 2¢ on EQing vocals
  214. Marvin Gaye with all the tracks removed except vocals...
  215. Vocal range
  216. I love to sing
  217. Whats the best way to get started?
  218. Looking for advice/feedback on vocals
  219. Trying to sing like a folk singer Part 2-not giving up!
  220. Total Full Cover MEGADETH "Symphony of Destruction"
  221. vocals for hire for demos?
  222. vibrato in rock/metal
  223. Cover: Revolverheld - Ich lass für dich ein Licht an + question
  224. Rate my voice + cover
  225. starting points for reverb settings
  226. Feedback on my voice in acoustic cover?
  227. seeking EQ advice for my voice
  228. Cover of Mariah Carey - Hero (need your help)
  229. Please advise on the vocals
  230. Question about singing out
  231. Is there potential in my voice
  232. All of me - John Legend
  233. Need lead vocalist
  234. How is my singing?
  235. persian singer - mehdi ahmadvand acapella
  236. New YouTube Channel for Singers!!! (Acoustic Instrumentals of Popular Songs)
  237. Do you think I've got "it"? Wondering if I should pursue my passion for singing...
  238. Finding Vocalist For Project: Suggestions?
  239. Tears in Heaven acoustic Cover (guitar + vocals)
  240. Need advice... Afraid I have polyps/nodules.
  241. Ducking reverb?
  242. Is my voice good for rapping?
  243. Is this good?
  244. Beginner singer looking for feedback! Criticism welcome!
  245. Looking for a singer.....
  246. This isn't too bad is it?
  247. Help choosing a Microphone
  248. Issues with Singing Reverb
  249. Rate my voice
  250. what is my vocal range?