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Want to join the Home Recording WebRing?
This Home Recording WebRing site is owned by
David (Dragon) Fiedler

Want More Traffic?

The Home Recording WebRing is maintained for the mutual benefit of sites related to home or project studio recording. If you run such a site, please fill out this form and join us (first read the mini-FAQ below)! Custom HTML will be automagically emailed to you. And yes, membership is free.

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Home Recording WebRing Mini-FAQ

Please don't submit your site to the queue until you're ready to add the code (remember, you'll get it by email right after you submit it), because when I visit your site (and I will), I will expect to see it working.

Notice: I don't do "editorial" decisions for joining the Webring. If your site has anything to do with home recording, you will be accepted 99% of the time. Here are the main reasons why sites don't get added to the ring:

1. they never put the code on their page. Well, duh!
2. they put the code on a "links" page, or other page that is hard to find or has no real content, then expect the webring to link to their home page. That's just not nice, if you think about it...the idea is for people to see what's on your site and also not to break the ring...a visitor has to be able to go to another site easily when they're done seeing yours. We will not link the ring to any site or page where the ring code does not exist! 
3. their "site" is actually one huge page that takes so long to load, that nobody will wait long enough to see the ring code (or anything else, like your page). This would also break the ring.
4. the code is broken, not copied correctly, or similar.

Thanks for joining the HomeRecording Webring!
-- Dragon

P.S. if you change your page or site design and the code is no longer on the same page, please update your site information to match. I test all the sites on a regular basis and if the code is gone, your site will be removed from the ring without warning, and you'll lose your original position (site ID) if you come back. I don't like to sound like a tough guy with this stuff, but we get people trying to "use" our Webring for free publicity to sell their CDs or whatever, with no intention of ever actually joining the ring in the first place!

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Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

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