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Check out the Recording section on our BBS, and share tips and tricks online!

We could define "recording" as simply "the fine art of getting sound on tape", but there's more to it than that. For one thing, in these days of minidisk, hard disk, and Zip/Jaz-based recording, there might not be any tape involved at all! But it's also true that virtually all of the equipment we use does (at least!) double duty: once to record music and again to play it back for mixing down. Knob

So this site is somewhat artificially divided; equipment with any kind of recording capability will be discussed here in the Recording section, while almost everything else will show up in Mixing. Hey, we needed an excuse to use all those cool buttons! And don't be surprised if some of the advice overlaps between Recording and Mixing, then, because they're really like two sides of a coin...with the coin in the middle.

We're also breaking up the Recording section into Analog (a $2 word for "cassette tape", mostly) and Digital, because there's a good deal of difference in the equipment and techniques and considerations involved. But everyone uses microphones...and don't miss our FAQ (you know, Frequently Asked Questions) or information about recording your own CDs. And if you're really stuck, visit our BBS, where hundreds of people ask and answer questions all day (and all of the night!).

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