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Promote Your Web Site on the
Home Recording Banner Exchange -- FREE!

It's simple -- you display our banner and we'll display yours. Your site's banner will appear in random rotation on the HomeRecording.com site, like the ones you see everywhere else, and you'll get 1 exposure here for every 2 times our banner (below) is displayed on your site. The more traffic you get, the more we get, then the more you get...et cetera.

We hope you'll join us! See below for detailed instructions, but first read Da Rules.
-- Dragon

Da Rules

  • Music-related sites only, please
  • 468x60 pixel standard banner size only
  • Maximum size of 12 KB
  • Animation is OK
  • Graphics cannot be transparent
  • We reserve the right to withdraw or modify the terms of this exchange at any time
  • Must be located on a permanent server at the time you submit your site, and for as long as you are a member of the HRBE (Xoom.com members, you must find another server to host your banner, because Xoom does not allow other servers to use their images).
  • Once you submit your site to the HRBE, you will be given the code to place on your page(s). Do not edit the sizes of the images! If you do, your account will be deleted.
  • Banners cannot be placed in pop-up windows, and cannot be placed in a page that has auto-reload. Also, you won't get repeated credits for reloading your own banner over and over again. Cheaters and attempted cheaters are not welcome...please be nice.
  • We want to encourage small sites to join. However, realistically you will get very few (if any) clickthroughs if you are showing our banner less than 200 times per day so please keep that in mind (that's not our fault, it's really the case for almost all banner exchanges). If you are not getting at least 1000 hits a week on your page, neither of us will get any serious benefit from this exchange.
  • If we get no traffic from your site for more than two weeks, we will assume you have disappeared, died, or otherwise lost interest and reserve the right to suspend or delete your account until we hear back from you. 
  • The Home Recording Banner Exchange does not accept sites containing adult material, links to adult material, or other inappropriate content.
  • Vendor and commercial sites are not eligible to join the Home Recording Banner Exchange. Please buy banner ads instead, because that is what keeps this whole thing going! If you have any questions as to eligibility, please email Dragon.

How To Join

To join the network, simply email Dragon. with the following information: your name, email address, your Web site URL (where people will go when they click on your banner), and the URL of your banner graphic on your Web server. Once you have requested to join the network, your site will be visited, and if suitable, it will be made active within the Home Recording Banner Exchange, and you'll be emailed  custom HTML code to paste onto your own Web page to display our banner. You'll also be able to log in any time in the future (using an account we'll set up for you) to check on your banner statistics.

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