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Thread: Tascam TSR-8 -- won't stop after FF or RW

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    Tascam TSR-8 -- won't stop after FF or RW

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    Hi, all. New member, with a question about my TSR-8.

    This is a strange problem: if I FF or RW, my machine will not stop! If I press RW while the machine is FF, it will change direction in high speed -- and vice-versa. But no stop (and will not revert to Play while it is RW or FF). Replaced the belt earlier this year, but then didn't really use it. The machine will play and stop normally after turning the machine off and on, but then neither work after hitting FF or RW. Not sure if related to the fact that FF never really worked well without the remote. Using the remote does not help with the FF/RW/stop problem, though for some reason hitting Stop via the remote will sometimes (but not always) simply change the RW/FF direction. (Tape counter not working, though I doubt that is the cause of this particular issue.)

    on edit: It seems to be a problem with the right tension arm. I can stop the machine from FF or RW by pressing the right tension arm all the way down. However, not sure how to fix this problem.
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