I am thinking about crossgrading to Cubase 10 PRO. (160)

But I did try out Melodyne4 (on a 'Studio One' demo version).
I love the way it can completely separate every single element from a track, (so I can manipulate one sound within a chord (without affecting the other sounds in the chord).

is there any way at all to do this in Cubase 10 Pro ?

I read that VariAudio 3 is Monophonic, but Melodyne is Polyphonic.
is this the reason why Melodyne can separate the layers within a track ? or am I wrong ?

if someone could explain how to achieve the above in Cubase I would be very grateful

ps: I cant afford to buy Cubase AND Melodyne.. and Studio One is too expensive. (the cubase 50% crossgrade offer is affordable for me). So I'm hoping to find a solution to do this in Cubase