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Thread: Initializing DirectX plugins HELP!!

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    Initializing DirectX plugins HELP!!

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    Hello, I'm using a new drive with an old backup windows 7, anyway, it had Sony Acid Studio 10 in it, and when I load the program, it stays in "Initializing DirectX plug-ins"

    I uninstalled and installed again but it's the same, I've read that something is interfering with the loading of Music Studio, but how to tell? I don't want to uninstall VST after VST.

    Need your help guys!!

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    Did you see this? They're talking about Sony Vegas Pro, but it sounds like the same issue.

    For starters, find your "Shared Plug-Ins" folder (location varies with OS), and try renaming the plugins one at a time until Vegas starts. Then you could leave the offending plugin renamed and reinstall from the installation disc.
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