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Thread: Raven MTi2....Thoughts anyone?

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    Raven MTi2....Thoughts anyone?

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    Been looking at adding the Allen & Heath Digital Mixer QU24, but I understand it is not fully integrateable with PT....I have all the gear for Pro Tools, Mac Book Pro, Scarlett 18i20, but I simply don't like using a mouse all day long.....

    Called Sweetwwater and the rep mentioned this

    I save $1400 and I don't have to dump my Scarlett...this really intrigues me and & chomping at the bit....Just want to be sure

    Thoughts anyone?

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    Gotta admit, it looks like a cool unit!
    I know nothing about it other than what I just now saw.

    Right now I couldn't get it, nor would I want to be a Guinea pig for it. I'll let soneone else test the waters lol

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