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Thread: Is Cubase falling behind?

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    I had issues with ASIO guard myself. Also my usb cord at one time made a big difference. I had 2 cords I really believed were exactly the same but one had real problems and the other has been perfect.

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    For the first time today, I've been working on a project - matching old and new recordings - and I got to use the time sketch feature for the first time. Fearful of what it would do to the sound quality - and the answer is nothing at all. A project with around 27 tracks - all live, no MIDI, but we were going to be adding lots of MIDI tracks - so I generated a tempo track from the kick track which was the idea one. I then converted the audio tracks to have the tempo info in them, and then speeded up the whole thing, retaining the ebb and flow, but just quicker. Added a big rall at one point and it worked seamlessly. Copying and pasting the MIDI tracks we're creating now works properly, and the tempo changes are coped with properly. I didn't;t think I'd ever use it, but its a brilliant feature.

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