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Thread: Can't use two inputs of Audient ID4 USB interface at the same time

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    Unhappy Can't use two inputs of Audient ID4 USB interface at the same time

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    Hello all -

    My problem is that while using Audient ID4 interface, I cannot use the two channels of the interface at the same time. I have tried in Reaper and in Audicity and the two channels are not available to select for the tracks. I have tried using two audio drivers and I get the same results: the ASIO4ALL v2 driver and the Audient USB Audio ASIO Driver. I can use one of the two channels but not both. If in the Audio device settings window I select that the first input is ID4: 1 and the last input is also ID4: 1, it allows me to use input 1 (microphone) for my tracks, however, the track is not really showing the name of the input, I would expect to see ID4: 1, all I see is "input (audio or MIDI). Similarly, if I configure ID4: 2 as first and last input, I can use the input 2 to record guitar and also shows up as "input (audio or MIDI). I should be able to see both ID4: 1 and ID4: 2 in the options of the track to select my input.

    I also tried with Audicity and I see the same behavior.

    Please check attached images that helps illustrate my setup.

    Thank you for your help!

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    You are looking in the wrong place to find the second input. That's not your fault. It's a problem with the Repear V5 default theme.

    If you click and drag the bottom of the track to make it bigger, you will see an input selector. That should allow you to choose input one or two.

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