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Thread: Finding Instruction

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    I was able to do everything I needed to do in edit view mode. I still haven't figured out how to use multitrack. I may have to call a radio station production director in Philly, and take him to lunch for some instruction time, or even just time spent looking over his shoulder!

    I delivered the finished CD with the four offstage voice parts yesterday. Phew! That's a load off my mind.

    Now, I am spending a great deal of time at the Adobe Audition site, waiting for the webmaster at Audiomasters to return from his vacation to put his site up again.

    So much has changed since I built spots for concerts at the Spectrum using carts and 1/4" tape...
    "Sure, I'll get that on right away."

    "Wait a minute. How come he gets to fly Britney and I get to fly Madelaine Albright???"

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    Take Two appraoch it like it was a hardware recorder.

    As far as the Multi-track part.
    It really is pretty staight forward.

    Its easiest if you click into multitrack mode (click the upper left-hand corner button with the waveforms) and the slide the window with the track settings (the [R] [S] and [M] buttons and the VOL, EQ, and BUSS tabs) all the way out.

    Exanding the track setting window opens up all of the parameters available. You can resize any section's 'window' to how you want it/need to look. The VIEW menu lets you choose which sections you need up at any given time.

    Then approach it like a hardware mixer/recorder setup.

    1) What track do you want to RECORD TO???? Pushing [R] arms the track to record.

    2)What SOURCE are you sending to the track? The [Rec 1] botton opens up a dialog of your sound card devices. choose the apprporiate. I ussually multi track mono and ussually assign Left channels to odd tracks and Right channels to even tracks but you can choose what works best for you. And you can record stereo to one track.

    3) What EQ or FX do you want to print to the track as its recording??? The EQ and FX tabs allow you to choose these.

    I personally prefer not to track with FX or EQ if I can help it as Tukkis says. You seem to have figured the FX out in EDIT mode.
    Same deal just per track in Multi-mode.....your CPU power comes into play when recording with multiple realtime FX on multiple tracks.

    4) Monitoring?? The [Out 1] button select where you monitor through should default to your MIA outs, I think.

    Now to monitor the input levels you can right-click the meter bar and select Monitor Record Level (which will "ready" the transport buttons...the red dot lights up) and you can set your levels and go.....for that matter, right click anywhere and you'll get options.

    One thing to note that I find a little quirky is that if you have Monitor Record Levels selected and want to arm another track or disarm a track, you have to press STOP on the transport first and then arm/disarm and then re-select Monitor Rec Level.

    It took me a while to start getting the hang it but CEP really is straight forward, which is what I love about it.

    One thing I also was going to mention is that if you wanted to do a live voice over and needed a "captains voice" you could use a cb as a mic or even talk into a milkshake cup to get that "cabin PA type sound.

    Good luck.....and stick around, this forum is full of VERY helpful folks as well as VERY sarcastic ones.....which keeps things lively.


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