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Thread: CE Pro slows down on playback

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    OK, Good Luck Bill. Please let us know if you fix it. This may help if this happens to anyone else.

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    Well, I start getting suspicious about when this started happening, so I checked a few things out and tried to duplicate everything I was doing before and after this started happening. What I think it may be (but this only partially makes since, so bear with me) is that I was using the digital out on my Tascam DA-30 to the Digital In on my Echo Layla. The new tape that I was inputting was recorded at 48 khz and CEP was recording at 44.1 khz. When you first record, it sounds fine. When you save the file it slows down and every time you play it after that it slows down even more. So, last night I went through the d/a converters on the Tascam and into the a/d on the Layla and so far it seems to be OK. I really didn't get a chance to fully test it yet, but does this sound like the culprit? If it is, then why do my multi track sessions play slow? They were recorded through the Layla's a/d converters @ 44.1 direct to CEP. They should show no effect correct. I'm off to NYC for a wedding this weekend and I wont be able to check it out until Sunday. So I'll let you know when I can. But I should be able to check back here if you can think of anything else.

    Bill L

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