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Thread: Newly developed, cyclical buzz - Presonus Blue Tube

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    Newly developed, cyclical buzz - Presonus Blue Tube

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    Hello all -

    My home recording ambitions are pretty humble; simply to record myself for play along practice, and refinement of gypsy jazz technique. I've a Presonus Bluetube and 2 MXL mikes, never had an issue until a few days ago. I've also got Cakewalk Music Creator. On setting up for recording, with an echo on, I am getting a 5-6 second patch, every 10-15 seconds, of pure static. Weird, like a pulse, it's quite regular. On playing back the track, however, the entire track just sounds like a hum.

    Any ideas what this is? Microsoft has been pushing several updates lately, and as usual, whenever they update, something goes weird on my computer (even though I choose not to download the updates, for whatever reason, they still got through - restored to an earlier point as my webcam mike was also acting up, if that helps inform anything re: the above).

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Just a shot in the dark, but did you activate the Bluetube? That sounds like a demo version that has a built-in static so you can't use it ....

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