Hi all,

I have the Alesis Photon X-25

(Sorry Can't post links or images yet)
alesis photon x25 driver mac

and choose the first hit - emusician

And I'm using it with a Komplete Audio 6, Macbook Pro and Live 9 Intro

There are no "drivers" as such though I did find some for the WinTel platform.

Any idea if I can get the sound shaper thing going these days or is it a fossil?

"Axyz Dome Controller"

"The X25's variation on the joystick is a proprietary Axyz Dome Controller that senses the up-down (distance), right-left, and forward-back position of your hand while it's over the Dome and sends out values for three different MIDI controllers in response. Although not easy to control accurately, it does have a certain novelty value, and it can be turned off to save power as well as avoid accidental controller changes."

Mostly seems to be a good keyboard for my purposes though - I'd like to have the "Dr Who" effect available if I can.