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Thread: Can Ableton Live Lite do these things?

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    Can Ableton Live Lite do these things?

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    Hi I am considering buying a Fender Mustang 1 which I gather comes with Ableton Live Lite. The amp purchase itself is a maybe. However if Ableton Live Lite can do the things listed below then that would make the purchase make a lot more sense. I intend on only using it to mix down jams so I can't see my needing more.

    Ability to write directly to .wav. (export to .wav)
    Ability to place volume automation markers (or envelopes markers as Audacity calls them) on tracks to adjust volume up or down at select points during playback.
    (ability to save these adjustments to the .wav file).
    Ability to record and overdub without a metronome playing
    ---(ability to shut the metronome off and memorize this setting).
    Ability to drag 2 to 12 .wav files from a windows directory onto the tracks window of the DAW.
    ---(it should retain the file names that were used in the windows folder).
    Ability to delete bars from within the tracks window.
    Ability highlight a portion of a track and cut it.
    Ability to easily trim the start and end of the recording.
    Ability to delete/remove 1 or more tracks from within the tracks window.
    Ability to insert markers in the tracks window and step through them back and forth.
    Ability to give the marker a name.
    Ability to save date/time stamp copies of your work just in case the product aborts.
    Ability to quickly zoom in and out as well as zoom out to the whole recording (shortcuts for this).
    Ability to apply reverb and other effects to a track.
    Less important: Ability to save a track as an acid loop (allowing key changes and speed changes).

    Right now I am using Audacity which can do all these things except the increase in volume of the envelopes seems a bit weak (I might not be doing it expertly however).

    I am wondering if anyone could let me know if Ableton Live Lite will do these things?


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    I believe Yes.
    I haven't used Live Lite in years (i have the upgraded version) but I recall using all or most those listed above functions except you're limited to 8 tracks per session.

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