Zoom r24 soloing a track?


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Hello all,
Im obviously new to this forum business and possibly even the first time I've posted something.
Ooh, im a virgin!
So I'll get straight to the deal.
Is it possible to solo a track on the zoom r24 audio interface? I can't seem to find a solo button and it would be very handy.
Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


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Welcome Mojomofo

I don't remember there being a track solo option, but you can use the play/mute/rec toggle to mute other tracks, leaving only the desired track(s) playing. Not the most optimum way but that's all I remember seeing.

Also, we have a Zoom specific section, you might browse through that and see if there are any tips.


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Hey up Talisman Rich,
Thanks for your reply, I'd come to a similar conclusion.
Im a bit of a novice, are you able to tell me where i would find the zoom section please?