Yoad Nevo Q&A Session: Read Me!


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Yoad Nevo (Nevo Sound Recording Studio | London) will be here to answer all your questions this coming Monday Sept 17th. Besides having worked on such famous acts as the Pet Shop Boys, Bryan Adams and the Sugar Babes, he has also co-invented several plugins with the fine folks at Waves and has also launched earlier this year his own mastering facility.

Some guidelines:
1. Post your question in a separate thread with a topic that describes your question
2. It's OK to question/disagree but please stay professional and respectful
3. Trolling, harassing, sarcastic or otherwise professionally-unbecoming questions will be deleted.
4. Once someone posts a question, do not reply to it or discuss it until after the Q&A is finished. We want to keep it clean for Yoad to answer first.

Yoad Nevo will probably come in only once and answer the questions...but you never know!