Xenyx 1202 & REAPER monitoring


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Hi all!

Just have a quick question regarding the aforementioned gear/software and a monitoring issue I'm encountering.

I have an electric drum kit and a guitar hooked up to this mixer (also going into a headphone amp for two sets of headphones) and I'm trying to record a song one instrument at a time. I'm starting with a click track, then guitar, then drums.

However, I can't seem to find a way to have the previous recorded parts coming through the headphones, as well as the monitoring for the currently recorded track. These are the three situations I am finding myself in during this process, with none of them ideal:

The previously recorded track come through the phones (without any audio monitoring for the currently recorded track)
Both tracks coming through the phones, but with the secondary track not being recorded, only heard through the phones
Both tracks coming through, but with severe latency (switching to ASIO4ALL doesn't seem to fix this - just means I can neither record nor monitor)

Please let me know if I'm not providing enough information. This issue has me banging my head against the desk.



Assume this is the 1202USB. You are seeing the problem with using a mixer instead of a dedicated audio interface for recording - monitoring.


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I thought that might be the case. I also have a Behringer UMC404HD as an audio interface, but had the mixer set up as we were doing silent rehearsals and it was a quick way to record demos. Not sure if there's a way to combine both, otherwise it sounds like I might have to just use one or the other.

EDIT: I thought this mixer doubled as an audio interface, is this not correct?
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You need send and return channels - you could us the UMC404HD as the send channels and the Xenyx 1202 as the return.

You could also us the first 4 channels as sends - and 9/10 as the return on the Xenyx.


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If this is the Xenyx Q1202 USB, I think you need to use the PHONES output or CTRL ROOM OUT to feed the headphone amp, then press the TO PHONES/CTRL RM button in to add the playback from the computer to the mix.