Who needs a stand when you have a paper clip? LOL


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I used this as an overhead at rehearsal today. This is an MSH-1 made by (former?) HR member mshilarious. I'm still loading the files into Reaper, but I'm betting it will sound good.


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rob aylestone

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They got great reviews and were so cheap - I wondered why their lifespan was so short when they were being sold? Probably just too cheap to make any money. The cost of the components, even though they were not expensive meant they probably struggled to make McDonalds minimum wage money Cost of parts, plus maybe an hours time must have been a struggle to sell. Great idea, but as a commercial product just uneconomic. Put them in a stylish tube, hide the electret capsule and charge ten time the money - that's the music business.


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Those mics are so small that the picture makes it look like it's hanging from a garden hose!

I remember when Naiants were the darlings of several forums. I heard a few samples that were made with Naiant mics, and while they were ok, I didn't think they were all that special. I wonder if it was simply a case of the company making the capsules stopping production of certain types. Naiant is still making some mics (X series). They are available on Reverb, when they are in stock.

It's funny how the mic world goes. For a while Studio Projects were the "hot item". Lately, 3U is the hot item. I'm sure in another year, there will be a new darling company out there. The level of mic snobbery is crazy!