Where Should I Put My Studio Desk?


Does anyone actually 'bite' at the bot leads? I guess I just think/hope humans have more integrity and wit about them. Oh, but then who is 'them or they' anymore? Ugh.

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The trouble is, I'm always nosey enough to click on them to see what crazy link people have dreamed up, which I supposed is what they want (or more often, the people they are paying to make them think their site is busier!)

Joking aside, in these topics I always remember when I changed the design of my studio, and put in of all things a small chroma key wall, with a curve - something that shouldn't be in an audio studio. The result was an unwelcome change to the 'sound'. My speakers are on tall stands - big metal things, so I played some music and tried them all over - and the best sounding, perhaps even better than it was before the curved wall, was half way down the rectangular (roughly) room, facing back to the wall I used to be looking at when working. So I built a new desk and put it 180 degrees round, at the right distance from the speakers, and it's great to work in. It's a bit odd to have about 16ft of space behind the speakers, but it works rather well. I'd never have thought of this without just playing with moving the stands around.
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Don't spend more on monitors until you have the room well-treated acoustically.

+ 1 about

and just as well :
remember that ears must hear the "source" not the monitor / speakers ,
then the monitor have to be the much trasparent and clean as possible ,

as very few and rather expensive are available on the market .

hope this help , cheers .