When the Morning Comes

mark skinner

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I Loved the chilly vibe. This was a Perfect pro mix and "Fantastic" vocals. It's a wonderful song and sounds radio ready. I Really enjoyed it .. mark


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Oh...that's an excellent song...performed with great talent IMO. One thing though. It starts out with a couple vocal "ooohs" which are nice.....but the other tracks come in abruptly at about 6 secs in. It's like you maybe had strong compression or some sort of strong noise supression on the keyboard track. That needs to be smoothed out if possible. Other than that....don't touch a thing!



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Sounds great! I agree the beginning transition between the vocal and the keys coming in sounds unnatural somehow. I like the chord progression and the vocal track(s) are excellent. I'm surprised at the lack of bass, about halfway through the track i started to notice some bottom end but it seems like a real bass track would give the music a stronger foundation. Still. a really nice listen and i'm listening with my critical ears.