What will become of Audacity?


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I just ran across a news item that the Audacity has been bought by Muse Group, owners of Ultimate Guitar (the tab people). According to the article, they are looking to update and refresh the program, and that it will remain free and open source.

I know a lot of people use Audacity. Do you think this will be a good thing in the end? Is anyone using V3.0 (released about a month ago)?

gecko zzed

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I understand a guy going by the Youtube name of Tantacrul has a leading role in this, and if so, it should result in substantial improvements. He has been a long time critic of unfriendly music software (particularly Sibelius), and has been involved in re-engineering poorly designed programs.

rob aylestone

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I have a Sibelius subscription and never use it. It has always worked totally differently from other software. Some schools years ago tried to do sequencing on it. Something it fairness it was never designed for. But while it produces lively looking music it’s still horrible at playing it back!


Longtime Encore and Finale user here. I taught at a Chicago college where one prof decided that the department would abandon Finale in favor Sibelius because 'Sibelius is SO much easier to use'. I'm not sure this fellow had ever used either. Anyway, I agree with Tantacrul-- I found Sibelius absolutely inscrutable. The migration didn't happen.

Tantacrul has a hand in the rewrite of MuseScore. That will be interesting to see. IMHO, music software, whether DAW, notation or sequencing, really has to have musicians consulting in development if not doing the actual design. It needs to be kept transparent enough that the application isn't the focus of the creative process-- not get in the way.