What type of electric piano is this?

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Anyway - Sounds like a Fender Rhodes or an emulation thereof.
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Hello, @jayjay90. Thank you so much. I have watch the full song and listen. This song name is "P*$$Y Fairy (OTW) (Super Clean)" and Artist name is "Jhené Aiko".

I want to recreate the electric piano/synth found at the beginning of the song and throughout. Also, if there were any effects used, pls let me know.

Hi, Brother. I use YAMAHA P71. It is High-quality Yamaha digital piano with full set of tones and effects needed to perform. You can use it and enjoy your piano experience. Find details here about it. I think you will enjoy real piano tunes experience.


It could be the "E" model electric piano
this was a sought after piano in the 70s & 80s

but again it could be a Fender Rhodes which i owned
lent out & never got back



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It was literally the only way I could ask this question, which I’ve been itching to know for about a week, so pls
Seems a little "fishy" but if it is for real...you could recreate the synth with any mini moog emulator and the electric piano with most Fender rhodes emulators of which there are thousands of both the Moog and the Rhodes