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I have an older beefed up gaming tower computer, maybe 2015? Nor sure. Windows 10 I think. Anyway, I found a bunch of CDs and one had Cakewalk 6 and another Cool Edit. I haven't used windows for years, I run a Linux system on everything I use now. I managed to install both and have both running. I have five MIDI keyboards, two Alesis QS8s, two Ensoniqs and a Korg. In 1999 I bought the Alesis, my step son gave me an older Mac and I bought a version of Cakewalk for 99 bucks. Loaded it, hooked up the Alesis, I don't remember how? I think I had some kind of MIDI box or something? I told the MAC and Cakewalk, that it was working with an Alesis QS8 and set the switch on the back of the Alesis to MAC, set the MIDI channels etc and it was quite seamless. Cakewalk had all the preset libraries etc. for the QS8. I tried the same thing after that with a Windows OS and never could get it to work. So, If I want to use this, where do I go from here? There are no MIDI ports on the computer, it has USB and one light pipe for sure. I have a cord around here somewhere with a dual MIDI plug and a USB on the other end, can I use that? I don't really know what that cord is for, it came with a bunch of stuff in a trade. The software may be bootleg?
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