What Rhodes emulation would you recommend?


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There are quite a lot of Rhodes emulations, but I can't decide even after I have been watching some videos on youtube.
I don't want a too huge library, though.
Maybe Pianoteq's Rhodes/electric pianos expansion, but it sounds boring somehow...
Any recommendations?

rob aylestone

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It is boring - but you get loads of pianos - and I rather like the Rhodes with chorus 1. Sounds like a real Rhodes - so boring does come into it I suppose. Pianoteq is my favourite piano.


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I don't think you can do better than the Arturia Stage-73 V - to my ears the most authentic sounding emulation - after that there is Electric 88 which is alright as is the EZ Keys Classic Electric which gives you a vast arrays of keys to get your Rhodes on with.


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Thank you for the answers.
I was not really aware of Pianoteq's morph feature, which lets you make your own combinations with different instruments, especially the electric piano and Hohner expansion seem to work very well, it's pretty cool, found an interesting video today. I think I will grab Pianoteq's expansion and it's not a big content size at all, because it's physical modeling. A link to the video


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Pinaoteq does sound nice. Only $59 a instrument too. That is reasonable.

In the beginning I got EZ Drummer so I inevitably got EZ Keys too. I DO NOT care for it. The Drummer is ok. The EZkeys instruments I got , I can never find something I like. However , If you want to sell the EZ Keys expansions there is a used marketplace for them. They are expensive and don't come with as much.

My op is Waves piano is better than EZKey Grand and much cheaper. Waves has the 200 electric and a EP 80 type worth a free trial.
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