To Preamp or not to Preamp

Interesting, and noted its test drive new.
I'm not surprised it relieves the need for other gear. Especially if budget goal is to recoup which is what it is.
I always looked at my gear as "rental" like and don't need 64qty

What made the 73 so popular? is probably what your hearing.
Having Dual Channels and EQ is apples and oranges to the ISA One., you're more in channel strips mode with WA273. ..aka a LA610 x 2 or ISA110x2 type thing.

Preamps Only, no EQ, is what's your opinion of the ISA One and 73?
Big, small, medium difference?

Ive sold my ISA One over and bought it back a few times, when one pops up for $250 or something...there's so
many of them its not like your selling some "rare" piece. Its just an awesome piece imo, but its just gear.

EQ-I haven't compared a bunch of EQ's and don't plan too......but your comment on the WA273 and EQ is something extra.
It makes me wonder what's the fuss of all the microphone miniscule subtle differences purpose when you can just add a little or remove little?
EQ is like having 100 mics in 1 mic. It can even make a SM7 sound
Yes, we are still in the honeymoon phase.
I think I may have to give the ISA more of a chance and experiment.
I have to agree with you 100%, it is like having a 100 mics.
I'm starting to believe that when some people say that microphone modeling is gimmicky.
Its just maybe that they are all eq'd differently to try to capture the microphone.
In hind sight if I had to give advice to people starting out, is get a good mic pre/eq and purchase the UAD classic plugins for example
and maybe a few extras, but thats it. Learn how to use those plugins inside out and create templates of what works for you.
The other thing I liked about the Warm Audio WA-273EQ for example, is I recorded some acoustic guitar yesterday on my Martin.
Just really quickly did it. I recorded 1 track flat no eq, 2nd track with eq, and then the 3rd track with the tone button.
It was acutally nice to have three different flavours. I panned 1 hard left, 1 hard right, and the flat one down the middle.
I liked having the different options.
The saga continues.
yeah, that sounds great to do three tacks, turn a knob push a button and three tracks and done.
I cant argue plugins work great too, but it doesn't have to be one or the other.
Even though I don't hear some big preamps tone change, if a person is going to have different mics its great having a solid preamps, at least one or two.

I was listening to the API guy and Sunset Studio dude, great YouTube of history but one said "we used to make things because we needed them, now people buy them because their cool" , I think in relate to PultecEQ being something that had to be designed not because it was a "fad".
really interesting how they talked of changes from tubes to transformers to clean-sterile SSL which people were cutting out transformers in some false race to be then soon the desire for Transformers returned, the clean and sterile SSL it seems was still getting some Tape Sat and color but as ADAT and Digital took over Tape, then the SSL was "too clean" as I understand it and more and more wanted some old Tubes and Transformers to help the digital out.....but there's also some Glory Days Ghost Chasing I think too Marketing hits on.

I got my Antelope Solo Modeling Mic, clearanced out at GC for $199. I might do a review on it if I don't have anything else to do. But skipping all the Software stuff to make it work....I was totally unimpressed with the plugins/modelers. I couldn't hardly hear anything change so I don't know if its very miniscule changes or what? I tried various Outputs for monitoring to make sure and did not hear anything even remotely close to adding in a plugin EQ and Comp... EQ as anyone knows can be drastic and I didn't even hear hardly any change at all between a SM7b and a U47 to a Senn441 to a SM57 and a U67 and AKG414? lol wow. On a good note the microphone is XLR and very nice imo, crisp and handles sss's well. The thing is sooooo tiny!!!
but I looked up the specs its the same as the TLM 102, tiny small mics compared to RODE NT2 and Shure KSM's. WA47 was the largest mic Ive owned and a huge CAD E350? or something.... but its built in Europe, Sophia, Bulgeria and really maintains Antelope crisp, hifi sound.

Curious , while you test drive the WA273...what do you have your Antelope outputs on when using the Mic Modeler? Maybe I have a I/O wrong?
I'm in total dismay. I did a deep dive today. And the all the glory of the WA273EQ has changed.
This really caught me by surprise.
Once again I tracked some vocals, only this time I compared against my UAD L-22.
In fairness I used the 6176 plugin in Unison. Later I slightly eq'd with EQP-1A.
I was able to get what the Warm was dishing out and perhaps even more.
I think I really need to experiment with the Unison capable and also insert plugins I can use during recording.
Again I did it with the Townsend L-22 using the UA-47 mic.
It's made me realize that I am able to capture pretty much what I was getting int he Warm
I think perhaps if anything I could use 2 more unison channels where I can use more mics.
The L-22 takes both channels on my TwinX and I can't use unison through my Antelope inputs.
Perhaps the UAD Apollo X4. But I'm curious to know if the convertors are different in the X6
Talk about a real turnaround.
Cool Cat I know what you are talking about when you talk about the subtleness of the emulations.
It's way too subtle for me.
After reading hundreds of threads I do remember a fellow mentioning that he could tell the difference mostly when he recorded at 96khz.
I haven't had the opportunity to try that yet but I will. Again this is referencing to the L-22 mic.

Regarding the Antelope audio outputs, could you be more specific? Are you asking about levels?

Today confirmed that what I have, I can pretty much achieve without the warm audio.
It's like breaking up with a hot girlfriend.

Be interesting to see where this journey takes me.
Wait a minute!!!!!!!All this chitter chatter and I could have recorded a record by now LOL

Looks like I'm taking the WA273EQ back.

My thoughts for today
This is the beauty of test driving and being honest I guess. To test it yourself is one step above SOS articles or someone elses ears.

thanks, I got the problem it was me!, I had to change the settings from PREAMP 1 to EM*&^ 1 and it worked.
Thank coolcat. glad you sorted the issue with the antelope.
It looks like I am settling with the Apollo X4.
That will give me what Im looking for.
I definitely agree with a lot of this coolcat. I ordered the WA273 Dual Channel Mic Pre with EQ. This way I get to hear the pre's and the eq's.
I can tell you one thing, if it is anything close to the plugins, its going back. I would have to notice a significant difference in tracks to keep it.
I'll report back after I receive it and get a chance to record with it.
Apollo X4. Nice video on UA site comparing top end outboard and plugins. Its the era we are in it seems "will the hardware outboard disappear like reel to reels?"