To Hoard or to Clear-Out

Dave Holmes

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What kinda mics? Anything nice?

Both appear unbranded... One has a permanently attached lead... Both smell kinda foisty... So no...
I honestly don't remember either of them, probably an old band members from years ago...
I still have my first (somewhat battered) SM58 and another (newer) 58 and I've got a little mixer so I can run a condenser into the 4-track if I want...
Been so long since I recorded this way... No doubt it'll sound gash but was always fun!
Used to layer up beatbox (or a friends drum machine, bounce -add a small conga, bounce - bassline on acoustic or an old (and it was old then!!) casio keyboard - and then we'd freestyle over the top.
We'd start sober and by midway through a session would be wrecked... Was great fun!

Can't remember recording on the Akai DPS-12 that came later being as much fun... Can remember fighting through sub-menus.


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This has long been a source of internal confusion for me. I have a lot of unused or seriously underused gear (I'm always looking for opportunities to upgrade). I often purchase items that are already 1-2 years "outdated" - so that means the items I've replaced are already 5 plus years outdated. While age does not mean the functionality is compromised, it does compromise the value on the resale market.

I hate dealing with ebay, craigslist, paypal etc. I don't like internet strangers in my home, etc. I have sold some items, eother through craigslist or to local music stores that buy/sell used gear - but for the small amount I get, it is not even worth the effort. There have been times where I see an item in a local store that I want (but don't want to pay the asking price), so I trade in items, sometimes several items so I can buy a $800 item and only pay out maybe $100-$200 in cash (and it does help clear some space in the studio).

For the most part I simply hold on to old gear and maybe a project comes along that I can use the gear (hoping it still works after not firing it up for 2 years).

Although, I have to admit, there have been waaaay too many times (in past years) where I sold/traded some gear that I later regretted and purchased again (a Juno 60, a Casio sampling keyboard, a Yamaha Pacific, etc.)

I prefer to think of myself as a gear slut, rather than a hoarder!