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just bought an Alesis SR-16 based on it's legacy and a creative nudge from the music store employee.
I have the manual and followed along with some You Tube vids in this first and second stab at the creative process. Was able to create a few patterns going step by step.
Problem now is none of the preset patterns can be found. Went to Alesis site, but not a whole lot of info other than what is printed in the manual.
I'm not stupid, but having definite buyers remorse.
Any help is appreciated.


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First off, welcome to the forum MG and season''s greetings! I have no experience of that Alesis drum machine but would have thought it fairly difficult to delete all the drum patterns? Alesis have been around a long time and are well respected. IF indeed it is easy for a newb to lose that data then I would think it behoves Alesis to make them available to download*?

The other option is, if the DM was bought from a regular retailer online in UK at least you have the protection of the 'Distance Trading Regulations' whereby within two weeks you have the right to send a product back for a full refund and you do not need to give any reason.

*You will no doubt have to jump through several 'security' hoops! You will need proof of purchase at least, serial number, retinal pattern of maternal grandad!



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If it's not too far out of the way......I'd go back to the store and tell them about your problem. It's likely that there's nothing wrong.....but if you let them know that you think there is.....and will be returning the set if you can't find the guess is they'll do their best to help you out. Someone there might be very familiar with the set. As well....there must be some way to initialize (return to default settings) the unit. As Dave has seems highly unlikely that the manufacturer would make it easy...or even possible to erase the presets.

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I don't know the SR16, but have an SR18, and the factory sounds and patterns are actually stored in ROM, so there's no way to erase them or modify them. Any user designed tracks are stored in RAM memory, which can be modified or erased.

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Yes - we used one in our college studio in 2002 or so and the students never managed to delete them - Even though it's old, it still needs to function for a reduced amount of time, unless it was sold as seen with no indication of warranty. They were great things and pretty bomb proof - I wonder if the memory battery has just died? 20 years is a long time for a battery!