Tascam M350 outputs?


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I am setting up an M3500 Tascam mixer... And I also have some standalone rack units and preamps... I am trying to put it all together and discern the signal path to the Soundcard. In my mind, i am gonna go into the preamps out of preamps into the M3500 then out of the M3500 into the Soundcard... Problem I am seeing is the M3500 only has RCA outputs ? Is there an RCA to 1/4 inch snake ? Or how should I go about this? I have a bunch of higher end gear but am realizing this kind of Analog set up is not "idiot proof"... Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Hi, yes absolutely you can purchase pre-made RCA to 1/4” snakes or cables, you an also make your own, or buy adapters to convert RCA plugs to 1/4”, etc.

You can Google RCA TS (or TRS) snake for some examples.


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Are you going to use the M3500 Buss output or Direct Output ?

If you decide to use your external preamp, then it would be external preamp output -> M3500 Insert return. This in order to bypass the M3500 preamp.

In case you decide to use M3500 Preamp, you can use direct output on the console with RCA to Jack TS snake.

In any case I would strongly recommend a patchbay. RCA onboard connector can broke easily, so it is better to connect them once and for all to a patchbay.

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You can even buy adapters for cheap but they are not made for a lot of work unless they are switchcraft which are a lot. The 40 cent adapters that I have a lot of here will crack after a while a sign of fine Chinese plastic.

You could make cables out of Neutrik connectors and good cable that is shielded but it would be a lot of trouble.