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rob aylestone

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We've rediscovered old synth sounds - so with Vangelis firmly in my head did this. Found a really neat use for aftertouch - lowering pitch.

Messed up - wrong link. THIS is the Vangelis style one.
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NIce! "turn the corner" Really nice groove and nice sounds, the sax sound is pretty realistic. My only thought as the tune went on was it would have been nice to hear a solo section with a different sound, like a jazzy guitar solo..the twinkling delay sounds were really nice

Enigma-yeah for sure this would sit very nicely over some blade runner visuals, nice sounds!

What kind of synth(s) are you using? I'm not a keyboardist but just purchased a korg minilogue xd which i've been having a blast with. The number one patch on it is a blade runner sound like you have here.

rob aylestone

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It was a Cubase plugin - retrologue - and the background mainly from a VST called arkhis - lots of washy type sounds. My latest favourite is a CS-80 synth which has some very 'old' sounds.

The first track - I put it up by mistake and that's not actually supposed to have a sax on it at all. It was an abandoned project where the sax should have been replaced - just me noodling to inspire me later when I'd forgotten it. An old trick I do often - whack a huge swampy reverb on a channel and then play to see what pops out. They all get a working title, and then when the project is done and dusted - I put a batch up and they earn a tiny bit, or nothing. That was in the wrong folder. My music gets used for presentations, demos, training, dance practice, exhibitions etc and is usually unmemorable - or classical style, but always rights friendly, so the client pays a modest amount and gets 1-5 yrs use. The product is usually out of date by then, so it has no further use.