Starving Vegan #2


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Hey 3M, I think the over-arching problem is how dry the track is. Not that dry is bad (in fact I like dry) but in this case everything sounds on the same plane. If you are going to keep it that dry, I'd play with volume more and make sure things are spread out and behind one another.

The vocals are a little low compared to the guitars. The bass is interesting. During the choruses it sounds punchy. Maybe it's the notes you're playing. Do you have something like Rbass plugin on it? It has that sound of being swamped in harmonics. Or did you roll off all treble? I'd cut somewhere in 90-150hz a bit and boost 1k.

I hate that cowbell, even if it's ironic. : D

I love the idea of this song. Lyrically, it's hilarious and clever. The dryness and lack of separation is what's killing it for me. Did you check it in headphones? If not, give it a listen and you'll see how it's right on top of the ear. The drum roll at 3:02 seems to have an extra tom hit at the end.


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Great song. Love the vocals and the harmony vocals especially. I'm with Nola on the guitars being a little too loud and dry. Doubled rhythm guitars are going to be dominant in the nature of things. You could drop the levels and still have them driving the song. I thought the performance could have been a little tighter in places. If you zoom in on the wave forms of the bass track, I think you'll find it dragging here and there. Personally, I fix that stuff with a sly edit or two.


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Nola - thanks for the listen. I'll play around with the reverb on the guitars. What I have is somewhat lush, but just very little level dialed in. I'll dial it up and post a remix. I personally think the vocals are far enough out in front, but a little more reverb on the guitars may help the front-to-back relationship more.

Robus - I'll check the bass part. I don't usually miss those things. Those things are so easy to edit these days.


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Yeah, I'm hearing more timing stuff than I could fix. It's another case where playing it live together for a while would help it come together. I know that's a challenge for many on this site so I tend to be forgiving about it.

It's also another case of low-mid buildup. Being able to download really helps me home in on specifics. Drums, guitars and vocals could use less at 285Hz or so, and bass could use a cut at about 170Hz (1 octave wide, a couple of dB).


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I love the lyrics.
I like the arrangement also. The drums that start the song off don't really work for me. I see the groove you are aiming for but something just sounds out of whack. I Think a traditional beat that puts the snare hit in the expected spot would work much better at getting the song kicked off. good job on vocals and vocal harmony.
I heard a few timing issues. Maybe IBB could retrack the drums?
It's a great song man and well worth fine tuning


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I put the old bass track back last night and I think it gels a little better. That's the bass track IBB tracked over.

The new guitar riff, however, does not work over that. So I need to come up with something new. I'll do that in the next few days and repost.

Thanks bolder and jimi.

I'm glad people like the song.


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Sounds pretty good. Again, dude just needs to watch some vegan black metal chef. :D

I dig the panning on the 2 guitar parts in the second verse. Cool back and forth on the riff.


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I like the re-do. Good guitar sounds! The spread on them really widens the mix and combined with the nice out front vocals carries the mix. The drums and bass are doing their job-the bass seems a little muddy but is audible and I can hear the part distinctly. The drums are a bit sloppy in a couple of places but I think you have them placed properly in the mix. The bridge vocal still sounds pretty strained, sounds like a tough part to sing and keep your breath as well as hit the notes, as I mentioned last time you posted this. Good tune, arrangement, and a catchy chorus.


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I suggest cutting 128Hz from the bass, 3dB, 1/2 octave filter. That's the main source of the mud. Once that's done some of the other tracks may need their eq adjusted to fit. That should open things right up.


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ha, yeah, I missed this site, very cool lyrics....I always thought you had some high quality music when I was on this site a few years the crunch guitars and they way they are panned , this reminds me of Fountain Of Wayne , cool song and fun listen...


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Sorry I've been AWOL. Thanks VHS, Strato, queepy, Robus and BSG. I've done a little work on this, but it's not ready yet. I'll put it up when it is.

Been dealing with a possible ID theft. Someone in our payroll dept fell for a phishing scam and sent all our company's W-2's to a scammer. So I've been busy trying to close off all the ways I could get hurt by this. Takes a lot of time.


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Hey MMM - sorry to hear about your ID woes. Good luck with all of that.

I like the tune and this mix quite a lot actually. It has a little more bite and aggression to it than some of your other mixes. Guitars are panned well, and you've got fun lyrics with your recognizable melodies and harmonies.

Love the way the drums sound on this. Cool playing too, but the timing is just a bit off in lots of places throughout, which is unfortunate.