Spitifre chamber essentials

You need at least Kontakt player, which is a free download - it works from within that in Cubase 12. You download a Spitfire app, which lets you download the package, but install kontakt player first. Usually it pops up automatically, but occasionally you need to find it in the Cubase vst manager and stick it into an appropriate location. I've got loads of Spitfire stuff and love it.
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Don't be put off by needing to learn to use the mod wheel - you can get good results without, but for melody lines, some patches change greatly in tone as you use the mod wheel. Even if you string parts are basically chords that you can play with your right hand, using the mod wheel and recording each note of the chord as a single 'melody' with gentle left hand mod sounds so different - like real players, not chords.
I wonder why this one requires the Kontakt player? I have a bunch of other Spitfire stuff that doesn't require it.
I've got the same - but some of the deeper, cleverer ones you access via Kontakt - Albion, British Drama Toolkit and others, while some of the orchestral ones that use the new Spitfire front end, don't. I suppose it depends how they build them?