Spitfire Solstice

rob aylestone

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I like Spitfire products and just bought the new Solstice, because it had exactly one or two sounds I needed, but I've now discovered it hsa some crazily good stuff in a category called Cassette Orchestra. Even things like old Juno samples stuck through loads of weird kit. I got the job done I bought it for and I've now discovered all the other stuff it has on board. I did think 70Gb was quite large - now I see why!


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Yeah---on top of everything else, the EVO engines and the eDNA modules: seemingly endless manipulation, variation and inspiration. It's expensive but a nice loyalty offering for previous Albion owners and I'm glad they kept it Kontakt (and even Kontakt Player at that). I suspect that Solstice will enjoy the same amount of longevity and utility that Albion ONE still maintains.

Also, hats off to them for their support of Pianobook: