Sound of Drums

Bulls Hit

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I would pull the vocal back a bit in the verses so it builds to the 'I'm gonna listen' part (like at .35). Good jam


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There are many here who upload efforts too, they say it sounds nice.

It sounds nice. You are evolving. I don't think you are going backwards. Onward.


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I think the mix is good now. Outstanding song arrangement! Everything is tight, well thought out, and well executed.
Nothing to complain about.
Great job!


Not sure what version I heard, but this is a great sounding mix to me. Wouldn't change a thing. More importantly, the song made me feel... good. Any music that makes me feel anything and moves me in any way is ace in my book. Well done.

Monkey Allen

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Well thanks man. There were some pretty dodgy mixes on the way to this one, which I feel is ok. I'll leave it at that.

Time to listen to some other people's stuff on this forum now and offer my own comments.

Thanks all