SE Z3300a 3-Pattern LDC $225 + shipping


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This fully functional, "low-mileage" sE Electronics Z3300A, Class A, 3-Pattern Large Diaphragm'd FET Condensor Microphone has been well cared for (see photos) and is in Excellent Condition. (Case has minor scuffs and minimal scratches). It has Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-8 Patterns with a 10db Pad and a 100Hz Low-Cut Filter. Like the more expensive sE Z5600A II and sE Gemini II, the Z3300A dual diaphragm size is 1.07".
It works incredibly well on pianos and orchestral strings and works just as well with acoustic instruments, most vocals, percussion and more.
Billy Sheehan used the Z3300A extensively, in both studio recording and "live". Awesome Mic in great condition. Shipping via Fed Ex

From Sound On Sound Magazine Review:
-I was pleasantly surprised by the tonality of the mic, which seemed to offer 'more of everything....The low end and high end seem perfectly balanced, combining richness and density with an extended but very smooth top end....this mic is flattering in a very stealthy way, and that the sound it produces is inherently 'right'....the Z3300A should appeal, not only to the more discerning project studio operator, but also to (studio) professionals.